Cheeky Summer Collection Plates & Rimmel

My Cheeky plates finally arrived... It took exactly 19 days... 19 days of lonnnggg wait.... :)

Well, first impression, they arrive in a stylish box, like you've never seen before...

The box is good for storing the plates also. But I find it easier to scroll through a binder, so after some time, I guess I'll transfer these to the binder, too.

The plates are covered with blue plastic (which is a classic), and have fancy backings, so you don't accidently cut yourself... The blue film is somehow easier to take off, compared to BM plates, which cost me my two thumbs... :(

I quickly went through all the plates and found nothing visible, damage, scratches etc... But you never know, so I'll be trying each plate to see if they all work fine... The overall quality satisfied me as a customer. The full nail images are bigger than any plate I own. So, finally I have plates to cover my thumbs... :)

I'll review the plates as I use them but here's a quick mani I did.

First of all, my daughter insisted on buying these polishes, because they were scented. However, I get to try them first. This is our rule of buying polish... :) Anyway, the pink one is strawberry scented, the orange one is apricot scented and the yellow one is lemon scented. The pink and the orange are bright, vivid colors. The lemon is a pastel shade... The scent is not strong, but nice. And does not go away after 2 hand washes... We'll see how long they'll last..

The formula of the pink and the orange is good, opaque in two coats with normal drying time. However, the yellow gave me a hard time! It was the streakiest polish ever!!! (if that's a word) Three coats finally made it smooth... :( But with really careful application.

Anyway, since I liked the pink and the orange, I decided to wear them... Andddd along came the Cheeky plates... So, I stamped my accent nail with the cute sunglasses from the Cheeky collection and used my Konad plate for the polka dots... 

Don't they look cute?

By the way, the reason for the crappy pictures is; I was playing with my camera and forgot to change the size settings, so this is the lowest quality pictures my camera can take... :)


  1. Yes, it's veryyyyyyy cute! I need to recreate it.

    1. Go ahead and send pictures... :)