Essence - Nail Colour 3 - Boys are back in town & It's just a little crush

When I saw these polishes on the Essence stand, I bought them all. They are smaller in size, 4ml each. But I really liked the idea of mixing them or wearing them alone...

I started by wearing the dark one, Boys are back in town... It is a strange color. It is neither purple, nor grey. The formula is not the usual Essence. Two coats and it still looks streaky...

Anyway, since the second color, It's just a little crush, is too sheer to wear alone, I topped it over Boys are back in town on the accent nail. It's just a little crush is a lovely topcoat I must say. It has holographic shimmer in a semi-clear base and makes your regular boring polish a shimmery shade... :)

As you can see, I gave up and topped all of my nails with It's just a little crush in the end. So, I can use It's just a little crush again but I won't be using its twin anytime soon...

By the way, speaking of this polish, It's just a little crush, made me remember a lovely song from Jennifer Paige... I used to listen to it a lot... :)


  1. That shimmer is really pretty. They should start making that in regular sized bottles. I'd buy one, for sure :)

    1. The shimmer, yes. The polish, NO!