My First Fish Egg Manicure

I've always wanted to make a "fish egg" manicure since the first day I've seen it... I know that numerous blogger friends have tried this same manicure, and most of them are better looking than mine... :) But you know, I just had to do it... :)

So, I used China Glaze Stone Cold from the Hunger Games Collection. This is one polish I've bought and totally forgot about... :) The fact that it dries matte makes me happy... :) Although I believe it would be even better with a shiny topcoat on... :)

Anyway, I painted my accent nail in gold, and then while still tacky, I dipped it in the gold beads that I've bought from a craft store. :)

Well, I then used the nail art tape I had bought from e-bay on the remaining nails... Wow, this makes this manicure twice as special, because it's the first time I'm using nail art tape, too... :) These tapes are self  adhesive but they still need a topcoat to make them last longer... :)

And finally, here's my fish egg manicure... :)

What do you think?

Thank you for reading. :)

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