Valentine's Day Themed Swap :)

My Valentine's Day themed package from Roni arrived the other day... She is the owner of the indie brand La Bella Vernice and she has sent me a gorgeous package along with some of her samples... <3

Before jumping to the polish, I want to show you what was inside my package....

Do I need any introduction for this? One of the best cuticle creams in the world... Well, for me anyway... I just can't get along with cuticle oil, but I love cremes....

What a lovely small cup!!! It has a nice smell too, but I need a brush to use it, my fingers don't fit in the jar... LOL

Another cute lip gloss... Unfortunately, I don't get to keep this one, because my daughter took it... :(

Exactly!!!! Fridge magnets!!! <3

Cozy pink socks...


My first Sweethearts candy! I see them on blogs but never had the opprtunity to taste them... They are cute and taste yummy!!!!

Yummy chocolate!!!

To die for chocolate!!!! Chocolate filled with caramel and it has so much caramel in it, it drips..... LOVE LOVE LOVE

I am a big fan of Altoids and this box is just too cute!

Dove chocolates!!! Yummy!

A pink diary!!! Just what a stationary maniac needs... <3

And now, the polish!!!!

We have Sinful Colors Secret Admirer and Essie Lots of Lux...

And we have the La Bella Vernice minis... <3

I'll tell you about these later this week... They are all sooooo cute... And I've done some amazing nail art with them... So keep in touch... :)

Thank you again Roni... Happy Valentine's Day...

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