GFC Widget not working??? Solution here!!!

Hi guys...

I follow a lot of blogs daily. Most of them are nail art blogs and some of them are crafting and sewing blogs... Here's a thing I noticed lately on most of them...

This picture is taken from my friend Rainbowify Me's blog. As you can see, her followers cannot be seen. It says that there is an error with widget settings...

Here's how to fix it...

First of all, this is mainly because Blogger decided to give each blog a country name... Like .com.tr or .com.dk etc...
I am not a tech but as far as I understand, our GFC widgets use our old blog address so we need to fix this.

To do this, first go to your Blogger Dashboard.

Click Settings/Basic
There you'll see your blog address on the Publishing tab. Click Edit.

Type something there. For example, I added 11 to my blog address. Click Save. Don't worry, you won't lose your blog :)

Wait for a few seconds and then click Edit again. his time erase the "11" that you just wrote. And click Save again.

There you go... You should have your followers back... Totally worked for me!!!


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