Flormar Satin Matte

Flormar did not upset me and came up with a new collection this month... :)

It is called Satin Matte and consists of 15 satin matte polishes.

And guess what!!!!



You know, I really like polishes with names. They are easier to remember... But Turkish polishes had number instead of names. So Flormar is the first brand to have names for their polish...

Way to go Flormar... <3

I picked two shades from this collection. Orchid and Havana...

Ok, maybe they are not the most creative names in the polish history but hey, this is a start. I believe they'll come up with creative names... :)

First, Orchid...

It is a purple with a satin finish and hidden sparkles...

And here is Havana...

A brownish gold, which in my opinion is good for leopard manis... :)

These are two coats but the polishes are really pigmented. Drying time is good. Since I used these for swatching purposes, I did not test the wear time. I'll let you know when I do... :)


  1. Tırnaklarında görünce orchid i almadığıma pişman oldum :)
    3 gün tırnaklarımda kalmadı hiç aşınmadı ama asetonlu pamuğu bekletmeme rağmen çıkarmakta çok zorlandım.Sendede oldumu?

  2. Oh, that's cool. I love the purple! :)

  3. I've discovered them lately, haven't tried them yet - I have 2.