Nail Mail from Slovenia

Do you want to see what the postman delivered today?

It is polish related, of course... :)

Recently, we arranged a swap with the lovely Mateja from Purple Glitters. I love her blog and try to catch up with every challenge she makes, because they are soooo much fun... Anyway, she was really sweet, she got all that I asked for, even more.. :) (BTW, she's celebrating her 1 year blogversary with an awsome giveaway, so if you want to enter, please click!!!)

Here are the pictures... :)

Can you believe it? My first Essence polish!!! From left to right - Hello Holo, Waking up in Vegas, It's purplicious, Circus Confetti and Make it Golden!!!!
And she sent me the cutest rhinestones, pink and blue, with the cutest bottles... Oh, I lovvved the bottles... :)

My eyeshadow and nail stickers... I cannot wait to use them!!!!

And finally, the jewelery she made... I'm actually wearing the first one now... They are so cute!!!

Yay, I'm really happy today!!!! :)


  1. I'm glad that you are happy and like everything.

  2. Omg, I really like the jewelry she sent to you, she's amazing with her hands. :)

  3. I really loved them all. Thank you again for the wonderful swap...