Looking for Guest Posts!

Dear Readers,

It's not been long since I started writing this blog. And I already have over 300 followers! I want to thank all the people who takes time to read my posts and leave comments... I really enjoy reading them...

So, the thing is, I try to post every 2 or 3 days but I'll be on holiday for a month and I don't want my page to stay still... :) So I am asking my fellow bloggers to guest post for me...

If you are interested, please leave a comment under this post. I am planning to stock up and maybe I'll be able to post from my holiday but I still need a minimum of 10 guest bloggers... :)

You are welcome to share your nail designs, stamping, swatches or reviews...

Thank you all in advance... :)


  1. I would be interested. Creativenaildesignbysue@gmail.com

  2. I would probably be able to do one for you. delightinnails@gmail.com

  3. I'd love to! labmuffin at gmail.com

  4. Anonymous5/9/12 14:02

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