China Glaze Magnetix - Cling On

I had such high hopes when I got this magnetic polish of China Glaze from the Beauty Fair... But it has dissappointed me big time... First of all, the color is really sheer... I had to wear a black underneath to make it look like that... :(

Secondly, the special magnet I bought with it, is so hard to use... My nails are not flat, so the magnet doesn't work on the sides... So I used the good old Flormar magnet, which makes only the striped design but as it is curved, works like magic.... :)

BTW, Flormar Magnetics collection was better... :)


  1. I found this one to be very sheer also. I have the same problem with the magnet because my nails are really curved :( The design using the other magnet turned out amazing!