Nail Mail From Sweden :)

Another nail mail arrived today. This time it was from Anja, my sweet friend from Sweden... You should remember her from summertime, she has made a lovely guestpost for me... 

Anyway, I have asked for Isadora's new texture polishes, and she has sent me the world... LOL

Here are the polishes first...

From left to rgiht, we have Kleancolor Pearl Silver, IsaDora Gold Sparkles, Forest, Sugar Crush Wine Crush (!!!), Sugar Crush Chamelon Crush, Kubiss Denim Effect (wow, this one is pretty), Lumene Hazy Beach, Lumene Go Crazy, Depen 334, 326 and 357... :)

And then we have some cute stuff and candy for me and my daughter...

More candy... :)

Nail art decorations... I loved the stars and the rhinestoes... The nail stickers are also blingy... :)

And the cutest cupcake liners! With Polka dots! I loved them... :)

Thank you Anja for this lovely package... :)


  1. You're welcome hun! You're the best!

  2. ya çok kıskanıyorum. son nail mail'im almanya'dan birisiyleydi ve gümrüğe takıldı. düz posta gümrüğe takıldı ya :( şansızlığıma küseyim :(

    1. En azından seninki gümrüğe takılmış, gider alırsın. Geçen ay benim 4 paketim kayboldu. Çalındı demeye dilim varmıyor :(

  3. those sweets look so delicious

    1. They were delicious, believe me :P