Blue is a color for Spring (not)

Can you believe I have never used my Barry M Gellys during summertime? What a shame!!!

Thankfully, I am not a woman of traditions... I mean, I wear my colors as I wish, not according to seasons or stuff... If I want to wear it, I wear it...

That being said, today was a sunny day and I wanted to wear my Barry M Gelly BlueBerry... :) I had 2 coats of it on my nails... Then I wanted to do someting different and I stamped the straight lines from BM411 using OPI My Vampire is Buff. For my ring finger, I wanted to add some glitter and I painted one coat plus some dabbing of Models Own Freak Out, whish was aslo an untried!

Finally, I stamped some roses using Konad m65 with Barry M Gelly BlackBerry. I can say that it stamps reaaaalllly well... :) Oh, and for my thumb, I used big roses from BM323...

 Oh and I have news for you... In a few seconds, you are going to meet my thumb... :P

My thumb does want to be involved in the pictures, but it is not bendy enough. So it always misses the photo shoots. I make some funny and creepy hand poses but still cannot achieve to get it in the picture. So, for today's shot, I took a seperate shot of it and then merged the pictures in Photoshop... So, what do you think? Do you think I should add it with photoshop or are you satisfied with 4 fingered swatches?

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