BornPretty Store Nail Decals Review

Hi there!

Today I have Born Pretty Store's nail decals for you on my blog!

Since I do stamping, nail stickers and decals did not seem necessary to me. I mean, I used nail stickers a lot, before I got into stamping, but after that, I did not need them anymore, because I had so many plates and so many options... :)

Then came the decals... I have to admit, I was curious about them. From what I have read, they were flatter and more long lasting than stickers. Everyone was talking about them and making cute nail designs so I had to try them!!

I chose K-167 pattern from Born Pretty Store. There are lots of other designs but this one looked so cute I picked it.

They come in a clear plactic bag. There is only one sheet available in the package and there are 20 designs on the sheet.

I prepped my nails first. I used Flormar 400, a one coater chalky white for my ring finger and thumb. And I used Flormar Wet Look WL05, bright pink, for the rest. The pink was also a one coater to my surprise!!!

Then I took my decals and a small cup of water and started working :)

There are big and small designs on the sheet, so I picked one that suited to my ring finger and cut it with scisoors. Then I took off the protective film and dipped the cut piece in the water.

I let it soak for 20 seconds and then took it out with the help of a tweezer.

I dipped my nail in the water and carefully slid the decal on to my nail. It was pretty easy and did not wrinkle or anything. Since my nail was wet, I had a chance to place it where I wanted it to be and then patted it gently, so no bubbles were between the decal and my nail...

This photo was taken in a little hurry... :) Anyway, I repated the same things for my thumb as well, here are more detailed pictures... :)

cut and peel off the protective film

dip in water for 20 seconds

take off with tweezers, wet nail and place decal on your wet nail

pat gently with your thumb so there's no water left

And here is the finished mani!!!!

ooops, this one was a little small for my huuuuge thumb :)

So, I really liked playing with decals. There are so many other designs on Born Pretty Store, you should definetly check them out. Especially the Christmas ones! Remember, they ship internationally, for free and if you enter the code "HLL91" you get an extra 10%off!!!!

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