Avon Speed Dry - Suddenly Sunny

Recently, I bought myself a few of the Avon Speed Dry polishes. These series are said to dry in 30 seconds. Well, I tried and they last a little longer then 30 seconds to dry, but hey, who's counting... :)

Anyway, those following me for a while should already know that I'm not a fan of yellow polish. But when I saw the new pretty colors from Avon, I bought this yellow, because sometimes you need yellow, right?

Well, there is a reason why I hate yellow polish. All the yellow polishes I've tried so far are streaky... Not only the first coat, but also the second coat. Streaky! And no matter how hard I try, they always end up uneven. And this polish was not different. I don't know if it is the pigmentation or the formula... Grrr...

I stamped with Konad Special Black and the BM304 plate... At least this smileys cheered up my horrible yellow mani... :(


  1. I don't think your mani is horrible, but I have the exact same problem as you do! I love the smileys! :)

    1. Thanks... Grrr, I hate yellow polish.... :)