Nordic Cap of Sweden 21

Here's a mani I'm proud of... I mean, I'm mostly proud of my work, but this one I liked better... :)

I used Nordic Cap of Sweden 21 for my base. It is, to me, a Smurf Blue! Totally... It has a hidden shimmer in it and the formula is easy to manage. Two coats was all it needed... :)

For my accent nail, I used Bonita glitter... It looks gorgeous in the bottle, a glitter bomb with holographic shimmer... :) But it is sheer, really sheer. I have 4 coats on to give enough coverage. Thank God that it dries quickly...

Annnnnd, to finish it up, I stamped with Mash 40 and then with a dotting tool, I added the blue spots...

This is the result I'm proud of... I looked at my nails all day... :)

Look at the shimmer!!!!