Glitter Gal - Crushed Ego

This is maybe the hundreth time I'm putting on this polish and trying to photograph it, but hell, it looks so dull in photos....

But the real version is sooooo beautiful!

Anyway, I give up trying to photograph it and I'll show you the best photos I was able to get...

This is Glitter Gal Crushed Ego. My first Glitter Gal polish to be exact.

It is a purple holo!

But beware, you are not supposed to put a topcoat over it. The topcoat totally dulls the holo effect. I have 2 coats on without  a topcoat. I was worried that the drying time would be long because of that, but it dried fast, so no problems there... :)

I will take better pictures of you one day, baby... One day... :D


  1. Crushed ego is such a beauty!! :)

  2. Very pretty color and the holo effect is great too!