Born Pretty Store QA88 Plate

Hi everyone...

New year came with a lot of sleep for me... I feel like a hibernating bear! I can't get enough sleep!!!! :D

Anyway, today I am going to show you another stapming plate from Born Pretty Store... This is from the QA series, avtually, it is QA88.

The reason I picked this plate was because of the image size. Some designs do not fit my huge nails sometimes, such as BM first series. So when I saw this plate with a single big image, I wanted to try it.

The beauty of plates like these is that the possibilities are endless. You can use every inch of the plate and yet have different designs on your nails.

As usual, the plate comes with a blue protective film. The engravings are flawless, the designs transfer effortlessly... It says quirky arabesque pattern on the site but to me it is all about swirls... :D I love everything about this plate... :)

If you want to own this plate for $2.99 or other plates from Born Pretty Store, you should know that they offer free shipping worldwide, plus 10% off for my readers when you use HLL91 code at checkout.

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  1. Also got this plate (actually stamped on my nails as we speak^^) and it is great!