Golden Rose Holiday 89

It looks like I've neglected local brands lately. The other day I was visiting the mall and I stopped by the Golden Rose kiosk to find new Golden Rose texture shades.

This is Golden Rose Holiday Collection 89, a light grey textured polish. If you follow my blog for some time, you must know that I love textures. But I prefer glittery and sparkly ones. This one scored points for being a texture... And extra points for being grey. Bu I wish it was a little glittery... :D

Anyway, it looked a little dull so I decided to sponge a darker grey on the tips, Milani Shady Grey...

And finally I stamped the image from Cheey European Romance plate.

Final decision, I liked it. :D


  1. I also like the end result :)

  2. I actually prefer matte textures, I just loved what you did with this manicure, stamping and colors and all.. awesomeness!! :D

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