Getting into holiday mood???

Nowadays I can't seem to get anything done. Well, the main reason is... I have too many irons in the fire... :D :D

(The Turkish idiom for my situation is like carrying too many watermelons under one arm.... ) LOL

I'm into a lot of things. Sewing, crocheting, knitting, nail polish, reading, watching tv series and also regular house chores... Don't forget helping my daughter with her lessons... Oh and add social life, friends that need attention, school gatherings, play dates to these and boom, I have absolutely no time left for blogging!

Anyway, finally today I found some peace and started writing this post. And guess what, I got disturbed by the family members, again!  :D :D

Oki, moving on to the mani. Because if you let me, I can rant for hours!!!

I have been seeing elegant lace nails everywhere. So today was experimenting day. On my bare nails, I stamped the lacy roses design from Pueen 27 plate. On top of it, I painted French tips. And used Seche as the final coat...

Posing with my Christmas tree is a bonus... :P

Goota go before I get disturbed again. I'm planning on writing another blogpost... :D

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  1. Hiii sweetie, it's nice to see you here again!
    I love Christmas and am totally in the mood for it by now. Next weekend I'll bake the Christmas cookies - I only always do that last minute to make sure that there are actually some left for when it's Christmas :D