Pueen Stamping Buffet Plates

Thanks to my wonderful friend Michele, I am now the proud owner of Pueen Stamping Buffet Plate set...

The set consists of 24 round plates. They come in this gorgeous pink case.

The plates are covered with our old friend "the blue plastic". :) The back is coated, so you don't accidently cut yourself, which I have before, and believe me, it hurts like hell...

What is different in this set is, there are not single images. The whole plate is one big image so you get to pick which part to use. This is great for two reasons; one, you have an endless choice of patterns and two, it doesn't matter if you have long nails or nubbins, the images will surely fit.

Here are the plates...

"posh" ???? Love it!

This is the only plate that doesn't make sense to me...

These flowers are huge!


That is one huge chick! :)

That girl is so lovely!

As you can see, some images are fairly big for people with small nails. Even I won't be using some of them, and I have chubby thumbs... LOL But still, the images are nice and I like most of the patterns... :)

The images are etched nicely, I haven't had any problems picking them up, like all my Pueen plates.

What do you think? Will you be buying this set?


  1. The pattern of the plates are great, all of them!

  2. Anonymous30/4/14 13:59

    Lucky you. The possibilities are endless..