La Bella Vernice - Feeling Shameless

Hi there!

Are you ready to meet my first thermal polish? 


Well, actually this is the second thermal I own. The first one was from BPS and it was a nightmare to work with. Maybe I got a bad bottle or something... But this is nothing like that... In fact, it is a dream... :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you La Bella Vernice - Feeling Shameless!!!

In the bottle it looks like a lovely purple with crazy holo particles. It was much more sheer than I expected. First coat was a faint color. But the formula is so easy to work with, and it really dries quickly, so that sheerness was really not an issue. Actually, I prefer this formula against the yougurt like one... LOL

I have 3 coats on my fingers. Three coats' opacity was enough for me. But if you like you can have a nother coat. I am not sure if layering it over a similar color will work. If you've tried it, let me know. :)

Here it is, looking like blue. It stays like that when it is warm. The funny thing is, the pigments are so sensitive and quick acting, that when I put on a layer, the tips get the purple haze at first (because the polish in the bottle is cold). And then it warms up and becomes the same color as the base...

immediately after a coat

after holding an ice cube for seconds...

after dipping all nails in cold water

One more thing, the thermal effect still continues after a top coat, so no worries there... :)

Overall, I really loved this polish. I've been playing with it like a child. It may look wonderful on the beach, also on cold days... Love it!!!! <3

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  1. Amazing nail polish. I have tried one thermal polish, but it wasn't nice like this one. This is really something special because of this shimmer and beautiful combination of colours. It somehow reminds me of the universe. :)