Essence Love Letters LE

Essence Love Letters LE was in the stores in February and I had bought some of the collection back then. But I got to try them only today... :)

Yeah, that happens when you have over 700 polish and continue buying... :P

Anyway, there were 5 polishes in the collection and I bought only 3, because the latter was way too much nude for me... I also bought the stampy set, which had cute hearts on it. The stamps from those stampy sets don't seem to work for me. They are harder than the Konad stamper. But being determined to make it work, I buffed it a little and voila, it worked. Well, not the best quality, but in emergencies (did you have a stamping emergency? :P ) it can be used...

Here is Grey Headed Lovebird as my base... It took two coats to be opaque. Not the greatest formula, but it is ok... Don't be fooled by its name. It is not grey. It looks taupe to me... :D

And the surprise of the collection was Ink Heart... It is a dark grey. On the bottle it said "perfect for stampy set" and honestly, I did not think it would "stamp" that good... Well, I was wrong! It stamps nicely...

There, I used it to stamp the dots from Winstonia W112 and a cute bow from an Essence plate. Really good!!! And no side effects of Konad Black... LOL Hmmm, I should get some spare bottles of this one. Because I did not have a grey stamping polish and I think I like it..

Anyway, I was chatty today... I'll show you the third polish I got from this collection on another day... (It has blue in its name but it is actually a grey) LOL can Essence be colorblind??? :P


  1. Aylin bayıldım çok güzel olmuş ;)

  2. The nude base color is very elegant, I like it a lot and the stamping pattern is perfect for it!