ESSIE Vested Interest

Essie Vested Interest was a gift from my lovely friend Camilla, from Bookpolish.

It is a lovely color, but hard for me to describe. You know, I have problems with describing colors and this baby here does not help me a bit... :)

I'll just say it it is somewwhere between a grey and a green... LOL I like to think of it as a grey, because I like grey nowadays... Any physcological explanation for this? Go ahead..... :)

Anyway I have 2 coats here, easy application...

On top of it, I sponged some glitter, NOPI Selena Gomez Confetti Fun, which is a multi colored/shaped glitter that can be worn with many polish... :)

Oh, and sponging glitters is a new thechnique I've learned. The sponge gets most of the celar base, so you are left with glitters and  you can place your glitters whereever you want without the gloppy layers of frusturating base... :)

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous17/3/14 14:48

    Lovely :)

  2. I love that you added the colorful glitter on the essie base, the shade looks much better and attractive than without the glitter! Perfect combo!

    1. I loved the glitter as well. It looks soooo sparkly in real life...

  3. Hi Aylin,
    Lovely mixture! I would call the colour a "teal-ish medium grey" or a "cool medium grey" but that can still be many colours ;-)
    The glitter is just fab. I haven't tried sponging yet, but I believe this can tame lots of cheeky glitter polishes.
    Anyway, these glitter gradients are class. And the grey with the multi colour is <3
    Greetings from Berlin!

    1. Hi to Berlin! I loved "cool medium grey". I like to think that this is a greay, although it sometimes looks greenish... :D You should totally try sponing the glitter, it was so easy!

    2. I had tried dabbing on glitter with a flat nail art brush, that went very well too, the brush soaked up the clear and spread the glitter nicely.