Essie - Twin Sweater Set

I have mentioned before that I don't have many red polish. That was because I did not like the look of red on my skin. Well, untill now... I still don't like bright flag reds, but this one stole my heart....

This is Essie Twin Sweater Set... It is a crimson red... Lovely... Two coats... And the formula is a joy to work with. Really pigmented and I tried, it stamps... (check the ring finger) :)

For the ring finger, I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, the official polish for bloggers... LOL And stamped the herats from Pueen 41 with Essie... :)

Who says you can't wear hearts after the 14th of February... :)


  1. I am not a big red fan exactly like you, but I understand you completely that this polish stole your heart, it has an amazing shine and intensity! Love the accent nail!

    1. Thank you! It is a lovely shade. It looks a lot better on my skin compared to other reds...