Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Bluebell

I've never used Kleancolors before, but heard of them in my Facebook polish groups. Thanks to my friend DBMS, I now have nearly all the colors I've been lemming for for a long time...

Bluebell is a clear blue based polish with lots of big holographic particles in it.... It seemed too clear to use it on its own, so I decided to use it over a black base... Which turned out pretty nice, don't you think... 

The drying time for this killed me... I really took a longggg time to dry. And by the way, this is the weirdest smelling polish I've ever had... :) Anyway, it looks nice on my nails so I may forgive these... :)))

Bu da sevgili Derya'ya sipariş ettiğim ojelerden... Rengi süper ve görüntü harika. Ama kuruma süresi biraz uzun ve de kokusu sanki uhu'ya benziyor... Yine de o kadar güzel ki.... :) 


  1. It's very pretty! :)
    I have the same experiences with Kleancolor as you - all mine also takes forever to dry, and smell really odd!

  2. Gülüm harika olmuş, bloğun zaten tam istediğim renklerde bayıldımmmmmmmm aylinnnnnnnnn :))) ellerine sağlık gülooomm :)