My First Zoya - Zoya Anja

Unfortunately, they don't sell Zoyas here in Turkey. What a shame... :( But I got my first Zoya from The Crumpet!!! It was part of our swap. Thank you Debbie, I really loved it... :)

Anyway, Zoya describes this polish as a rich, deep vampy red-toned wine purple with a glossy creme. Which is absolutely true! 

My first impression is; it has ha lovely creamy texture, unlike any other polish I have ever tried. Applies like butter, literally... :) I have two coats on, and it dried in a short time.

Oh, I wish I had more Zoyas... :)


  1. it sure is lovely... also reminds me of the OPI polish 'Lincoln Park After Dark' No?

  2. Zoya are the best brand. I love their brushes, formula and so many pretty colors.

  3. Zoya has such beautiful colours! And their formula and brushes are so good to work with! Anja is a beautiful vampy purple :)

  4. pretty!

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