BOURJOIS - Lavande Esquisse

These bottles from Bourjois cought my attention the other day. So I thought I should give them a try... :) 

I have never used Bourjois polishes before, so I won't be able to compare these but this collection is a must have...

First, let's start with the brush. It is a flat, fat and big brush, nothing like I've ever seen before... It may not be suitable for people with small nailbeds but I loved it. The brush was able to cover all my nail with one motion... :)

The formula on this is awsome also... One coat makes a visible nail line but two coats give perfect opacity... You see only one coat on my nails... (I don't know why... :)) And it dries super quick... Suppper quick... I was able to stamp on it 1 minute later... :)

By the way, I used Kleancolor metallic purple for stamping. It kind of stained my stamper at first, but then I managed to clean it. It is a super polish for stamping... :)

Anyway, I loved Bourjois, but not for everday nail art. I don't know, maybe I had my nails in water so much, but it chipped and peeled sooner than I expected. But it is always a lifesaver when you have no time to wait for your polish to dry... :)


  1. Thats super cute I'm loving purples at the moment!


    http://prettylovelypolish.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  2. Wow, that looks really good!! :)