Black & White Nail Challenge Day 10: Manicure of your choice with Black&White

Heyyy! I have completed my first challenge!!! First I'd like to thank my hosts Purple Glitters and Colorful Bottle for letting me join... I really enjoyed participating. Although the tasks seemed easy, (only black and white) it was really hard for me to come up with new designs, as seen on the last three days of the challenge. :)))

On to the last challenge, today we are doing the manicure of our choice... So I thought of using my new Konad plates... S6 to be exact. I'm having some kind of relationship with it nowadays... :)

I used Orly Sea Gurl and Konad Special polish in Silver for this manicure. I made the black variaton for our Facebook group the other day, which looked equally lovely.. :)

Hope you like it... See you on new challenges... :)

With black base


  1. I love how it looks on the last picture :)
    And this pattern is so cute.

    1. Oh, I love them all. The pattern is my new favortie... :)