Trying Water Marble - Again

Well, I don't give up easily. Here's a proof... I tried water marbling once again.

My two (or three) tries have been big fails. So I was steering clear from water marbled manicures. But a part of me loved them, so I decided giving it a try one more time...

I used Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing and Sugar 'n Spice as my colors. But I did not use a base color. Because I've tried each nail a hundred times so painting a base coat was... meaningless... LOL

Anyway, these are the best nails I got after trying so hard... Not too bad, but still, I have a lot of work to do... :D

Oh, and I used China Glaze Fairy Dust as a top coat...

Dear God, what am I doing wrong????


  1. I liked this design! And I have a hard time getting nice marbles as well :(

  2. I think this looks great!
    Try a different container, that worked for me. I had bought a glass for the purpose, but found out that an ordinary plastic cup works way better for me :)