Rimmel Rita Ora - Breakfast in Bed

I should have known better. I always have problems with Rimmel's formula but they make lovely colors and I end up buying a few and then regretting my choice...

Same thing happened with Rita Ora collection. They were really nice colors, cute, lovely... And I bought only two, the mint and the pink.

Well, I'd like to blame the creme formula, but I have some cremes that apply like butter. Anyway, Breakfast in Bed is the perfect mint green with hidden shimmer (that is not visible on nails) but the formula was thick, streaky, a thick second coat did save it a little bit, but still not a pleasure to work with...

Here you see it with studs from BPS, A England Holly Grail (new edition) and a leopard print... :)

For the other hand, I added a chevron stamp.

What is your opinion about Rimmel polishes? Or this particular collection? Am I being picky or am I right?

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