WINSTONIA Second Generation Plates Review

New plates alert!!!!!


Winstonia made another set of plates for those who are unaware!!! They are called Second Generation, and there are 22 plates in this set.

The set was available for preorder before New Years, and they started shipping on Jan. 2nd.

I was really pleased with the quality of the first generation plates, so I ordered the second set without hesitation.

By the way; I have sent many requests to the company regarding international shipping. I know they ship internationally, but not to Turkey. I mean they ship almost to every country on the planet but Turkey!!! Frusturating, huh? I hate when this happens. Anyway, thanks to my beautiful mule Michele, I was able to get my paws on this set.

The plates come in a cardboard box...

And as usual, they are covered with the blue protective film.

Click to read the rest!!!!

With backing...

The blue film came out pretty easy...

The full sized images are big, 1.8 cm in height and 1.5 cm in width.
(First generation plates were 1.6cm to 1.3 cm)+

Here are they all together....

And here are the close-up of the plates!!!!

 I can make colored stamping decals with these ones...

 The crazy chevron and swirls are cool!!!

 The top one looks like a partial fingerprint.

 More designs for stamping decals!!!

 Great for Valentines Day. The big heart only fits my thumb. :( The hands forming a heart on the upper right is sooo cute!

 Again, the moon is too big for my nails. But the fairies are cute!

 Circus themed

 Koala, Flamingo, Kangaroo, Fox and Racoon... Cute!!!!

 Loved the skulls!

 I love everything on this plate!

 Dreamcatcher, wow!!!

 Western themed!
 I LOVE the Castle... It looks so big, but actually it is nearly the same size as a full nail image. Bigger than my thumb. I'm glad there is a small version!

 Disco Balls!!!! And the whirl pattern!!!!

 Two unicorns!!! And a flying pig!!! Lovely!

 Reminds me of Holand!

 Great Wall of China can only be placed on multiple fingers. Big Ben and Matruskas are too cute! Love the Egypt figures!!!

 Dinosaurs... Not my style, but I know some friends who'll love these...

 Love the pumpkin and different jack-o-lantern faces...

Christmas Theme... The top image reminds me of cheese... :)

So, what do you think? Anything that catches your eye?

Actually, I'll try these one by one tomorrow. There are some images that have big flat spaces and I wonder if they'll stamp nicely... I'll let you know the results... :)

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  1. There are some interesting images, but for my nails absolutely too big.