Essence - BE LOUD

2014 came with a state of laziness for me. I am soooo tired to even move my arm, or cook for that matter :)

But when it comes to shopping; pofff, laziness dissappears!!!!

So, lovelies, today I have for you Essence Be Loud collection!

I know it is an old one, but it just hit the stores in Turkey, so I decided to hive it a try, since I loved the colors....

There were 4 polishes and a special topper, but I got the topper and 3 polishes only, because the other one was an orange and I did not need it in my life. :)

Here's the gang that came home with me... :)

Graffiti Topper Not Punky, Nor Funky, 01 Riot, 03, Riot Grrrr-eeen and 04 Like a stone in the wall

First the polishes!!!

My favorite from the collection is Riot, because it is a one coater gorgeous creme! I applied 2 coats for the swatches and they all were opaque after the second coat but for the Green and the Stone, first coat was pretty sheer and streaky!

I also bought the dotting tool with camuflage design stencils but the pictures came out really bad, so I'm using the one from their site...

And moving on to the topper... This one is my favorite topper from Essence so far!!!

See for yourself!

It is packed with glitter!!!! You don't have to fish out or try to place them! It has a clear base with loads of gold, pink, copper, holographic, black bar and hexagonal glitters!

I have only 1 coat over the polish down there...

And for my mani, I used Riot and Grrrr-een and Not Punky, Nor Funky (love the name)...

Definetly going to buy back ups for the topper and Riot!!!!


  1. Such beautiful cremes and that topper is so glitter packed!

    1. The glitter topper is awsome! You can use it with many colors!