What is happening in Istanbul?

Dear Friends,

You may not want to see this on my blog but I need to share.

Most of you are aware of what's happening in Istanbul since 31th of May... For those who don't know; it all started with a group of people, normal citizens, protecting their park and trees from demolishing. Then it became a nationwide resistance...

Police is using excessive force to its own people. Chemical gas is effecting both innocent citizens and animals living on the streets. (Believe me, there are lots of homeless cats and dogs out there, and citizens are helping them with solutions, washing the gas from their eyes...) Media is blacked out.

You may visit here or here to get information.
#occupygezi #occupyturkey #direngeziparki #direnbesiktas

Thank you for reading!


  1. I had no idea that this is happening, it's terrible! In Spain police use excessive force nowadays too, but it's so sad to see that they don't even care about all those innocent animals! Really horrible.. :(

    1. Thank you... I really feel bad about these animals and citizens... :(

  2. I had no idea either. I don't own a tele and our local newspaper is focusing on our tornados/bad weather. Most of my news comes from the web.

    This is so sad and angers me!! Would you please keep us updated? My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Turkey.

    1. Thanks for your support...