Pueen Plates - Set 1

Do I need more plates? Of course!!!!

That's when I thought when I heard that a new company was releasing a new set of plates... Pueen!!!

I waited for some time, to see some swatches, to understand the quality... When I decided that they were good enough to buy, I got the bad news... They were not shipping to Turkey!

So, what does an addict do in this kind of situation?

Find a mule!!! LOL

A friend coming to Turkey from USA agreed to bring these for me... I immediately ordered both Pueen sets and last week, they arrived... My babies...

Well, first impression??? WOW!!!

First of all, unlike other plate sets, these come in a small leather carrying case with individual pockets. I loved the idea!!! It is easy to flip through the plates and keep them safe from scratching!

As usual, the plates are covered with blue plastic. However, this blue plastic was a lot easier to take off... No nail injuries here...

And the backs of the plates were covered, to save our little fingers... :)

And finally, the images!!! Oh, the images are sooooooo goood!!!!

The stamping quality is perfect. Luckily, I did not get any shallow plates or defected plates. All my plates worked perfectly. The full nail designs are big enough to fit my thumb! And they have the curve underneath, so you can use them as frenchs... :)

Overall, I'm totally pleased with Pueen plates. I'll write about the second set of plates known as Love Elements later... :)

For those who care, the police has stopped using tear gas on citizens. People still sleep in tents in Gezi Park. The Government is determined to demolish the park and build a "former" historical building instead... #direngeziparki #occupygezi


  1. Son preciosas, me encanta que vengan con su estuche un besote!!!

    1. Gracias... Yo también les encantó... :)