PASTEL Candy Color Collection for Spring 2013

Pastel is a Turkish brand that I really, really love! They make gorgeous cremes a-la-Essie and they always come with lovely colors. Fomula wise, I've never been let down by Pastel. 2 easy coats is all it takes...

When I saw the promotional pictures of the new Spring 2013 Collection, I knew I had to get them! So I went a little hunting... Luckily, where I live, it is not too hard to get your paws on nail polish, so I found them at the first store I visited...

Anyway, here is the collection!!!!

There are 6 new shades that totally remind you of marshmallows... They are numbered 140,141,142,143,144 and 145... (Yes, in Turkey we have numbered polish! Why don't they give names, I don't know. Names would be funny and easy to remember...)

Here are they all lined up...

From left to right : 140, 141, 142, 143, 144 and 145

Let's start with 140... It is a mint green but it has a lively hue... Oh, God, I really suck at describing colors!!! This is a green as you see it! My skin tone may be awkward in the pictures because these babies needed a lot of color correction. But I assure you, the colors are pretty much accurate!!!

141 is a peachy orange. It is such a soft color... Again, what you see.. :)

142 looks a pale lilac to me. It has a hint of blue, but not very much!

143 is a sunny yellow. Grrr, I hate yellow polish! It doesn't go with my skin tone! Never! Formulawise, this one was the most streakiest one. I don't know, maybe it hated me. Hey, but all yellow polish hate me!

144 is a baby pink, really pale and sweet. Like a cotton candy... If we were to name this one, I'd defiently name it cotton candy... :)

Last but not least, 145, the one that gave me the hard time! This polish is sooo cute but it is sooo hard to capture with the camera. Even with color correction, it still isn't the best picture. It is a very soft teal. Sometimes you can call it green, sometimes blue, depends on what you put this baby next to..

See, even I can tell the colors!!! LOL

If you're still reading, (despite my horrible review) thank you and I'm sorry!!!! LOL

But you should know that this is a great collection and the colors are loveeeelyyyyy! 

See Flormar, these are the shades we want to wear.... But this is another post's subject!  LOL

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