Zoya Oswin

Hello everyone!

I know I've been MIA in this blog lately. Sorry about that. But sometimes life happens, depression hits and sometimes you don't even want to paint your nails at all!!! (GOSH! I've said it!!!!)

I've been doing my monthly posts for Cute Girls Hairstyles (in case you are not following, here's the link) but I've been neglecting my blog lately. What was I doing during that time? Well, mostly crafting. I bought myself a Silhouette Cameo machine and I love playing creating with it. :D Did you know you can do nail vinyls with your Silhouette machine? Hey, maybe I should make a post about it...

Anyway, I promise to be more active here. I may not post daily, but you'll find new stuff once a week for sure.

For starters, I'll show you a polish that was in my wish list for a long time. Lately I've been leaning towards red, and this looked like the perfect red to me.

It look somehow pinkish in the pictures but in real life, it is red. Well, not truly engine red for my taste, more like a red with a hint of pink in it. It has a jelly base and lots of textured glitter. You know I adore texture polish. This one is no exception. Some glitter pieces are bigger than you are used to see on regular texture polish, but not extremely big to disturb you or cling onto something.

Well, the result, another lemming killed and I am a happy camper... :)

See you soon...


  1. It's a beautiful polish :)

  2. Welcome back dear. Love the texture of today's nail polish!
    I am very curious how you make vinyls with your Silhouette machine. Waiting for the tutorial!