Blogger Appreciation Award

Dear Mateja, from Purple Glitters awarded me with this Blogger Appreciation Award... :)
Thank you Mateja... :) Sorry I was a little late for this... :)

1.) Thank the person who gave you the award with their blog link on your post.
2.) Answer the following 4 questions.
3.) Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to as many readers/supporters/followers as you want.
4.) Let the blogger know you've just awarded them!

1. How long have you been blogging?
Well, I started this blog at the end of December, so it is pretty new. But I had anohter blog on cakemaking 3 years ago.

2. What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
 I learned a lot from reading other fellow bloggers and I got inspired by them most of the time. And I really love to share...

3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
Nail polish / nail art, crafts, sewing blogs...

4. What is one thing you'd like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
Hm, I wish I had more time to write everyday.  And I wish I could take better photos... :)

I'm giving this award to:
1. Rainbowify Me
2. Nails By Bia
3.The Crumpet
4.Polish All The Nails

Thank you for reading...

1 comment:

  1. You had a cakemaking blog? That's awesome, I really like that!

    And thanks! I really appreciate it! ♥